As a video production company, Scorpix helps you to make it a reality

Everyone has a story. The secret lies in how it is told.

With extensive writing and production experience & key industry contacts, Scorpix is a well-known Brussels-based video production company. We provide a wide range of video production services and specialise in custom corporate videos perfect for company websites, social media or any distribution channel. We cover:

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Meetings
  • Conventions
  • Institutional events
  • Corporate events
  • Sport tournaments

Production and direction of institutional or corporate films

Are you a small business, an international company, a government service, a foundation or an NGO? Scorpix takes in hand the direction and production of custom institutional films or corporate videos. Our teams are in charge of presenting your structure’s expertise, activities, products, services or values

Through the use of high definition images, we highlight your expertise or an event.

At each step of the way, Scorpix guarantees all of the necessary technical and human resources. To highlight your expertise or an event, our agency makes videos with resolutions ranging from high definition to ultra high definition (4K). Thanks to our video stabilisation system, our camera operators can move about as they capture the event while ensuring high quality, fluid images.

A few examples of videos we have produced.

Since its creation, Scorpix has covered the moving of CHU Charleroi to CHU Marie Curie. It was a European first that blended videos and photos. In total, over 10 days of shooting and 5 days of editing.

Our expertise also brought us to produce journalistic videos on Liège Airport aimed at illustrating the importance of its cargo division within Europe. In 2014, we also worked with Walibi on a project where video and photography meet at Halloween. An exceptional event with exceptional means: video teasing, after movie event, photos, etc.

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