Scorpix helps small NGOs

Scorpix helps small NGOs

As you all know, Scorpix is a commercial company. Since a few years now, we at Scorpix change our daily life by financing projects in which we trust.

In 2014 and 2015 for example, we compensated our carbon footprint of the miles we traveled for our work by donating to World Land Trust.

Doctors without Borders, Unicef, WWF, the Red Cross… you all know them. These NGO’s have plenty of donors and good communication plans, but next to these there are also numerous small NGO’s that are managed by unknown but incredible courageous people.

These people work hard and have faith in their projects but sometimes they don’t have enough money to achieve their goals. They use their own money, their retirement plans, etc. to finance the daily life of the NGO.

Because they don’t have the internal nor the financial resources to realize big campaigns like other international NGO’s, they need donations even more.

We at Scorpix decided to help one of these small NGO’s. Not only because we trust in the project but also because we know that our money will be used correctly.

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ATPOAD aims to help children, orphans, the poor and women and men in need.

ATPOAD has the following objectives :

  • Support and assist children living in the streets, children that have been abandoned and orphans.
  • Assist the disinherited in a financial, material and moral way.
  • Assist adult and minor prisoners in a medical, material and moral way.
  • Fight against several forms of discrimination against women by promoting their participation and integration in the current development processes.
  • Promote social-cultural and educational activities.
  • Train and mentor women’s groups and associations.
  • Stimulate creativity amongst young people and support development initiatives in cities and rural areas.

To achieve these objectives the Association has to :

  • Strengthen the capacity of organizations and associations pursuing the same goals;
  • Seek the support and goodwill of private persons ans of both private and state institutions in order to support our goals;
  • Organize retreats, building camps, study, research meetings and exchange of ideas meetings;
  • Organize seminars and training workshops.

How we are going to help them ? :

Scorpix will donate a part of its commercial margin of each signed offer that has at least a total of 2.500 EUR (before taxes).

For example:

if you sign an offer of

  • 2.500 EUR (before taxes), we will donate 100 EUR;
  • 5.000 EUR (before taxes) we will donate 200 EUR;
  • 10.000 EUR (before taxes) we will donate 400 EUR;
  • etc..

After payment of the invoice by the client, a proof of donation to ATPOAD will be send to the respective client.

Wishing you all the best with your projects and please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.

Patrick Mascart

More infos : ATPOAD