Scorpix Co Organizer of Drone Startup Days 2016

Scorpix Co Organizer of Drone Startup Days 2016


DroneDays 2016 Brokerage Event

6th & 7th March 2016


Find your next technology partner for your business

Enterprise Europe Brussels c/o, together with DroneDays Fair and Scorpix – in collaboration with BeUAS (Belgian Federation of Drones) – organise the 1st edition of the DroneDays Matchmaking event. The B2B will take place during the professional days of DroneDays Fair, in parallel to the “Imaging Fair” in Brussels.

Drones (or UAS, UAV, RPAS) are opening up new amazing business and service opportunities as ever before! – Cross-sectorial and cross-fertilized co-operation are the only options possible to stay at the edge of competitiveness and technology.  Come & gain new business perspectives with drones!

Drone companies will meet representatives from end-users sectors and discuss win-win collaborations. Companies active in more traditional sectors will measure and maximize on the value that civilian use of drones can bring to their business. Read more ..



  • Latest trends in drone technologies and their use for multiple civilian and commercial purposes
  • Short, sharp 30-minute meetings to foster effective networking
  • Get to know key drone players offering expertise and services to companies active in other sectors
  • Get your problem solved – Matching organizations offering or seeking solutions

Main areas topics

Civilian & commercial application of drones in:

  • Energy, environment, agriculture, forestry
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Oil & gas, mining
  • Security, emergency response, safety, humanitarian sector
  • Law enforcement
  • Cinematography, photography, aerial imaging
  • Sport
  • Real estate
  • Cargo, transports
  • Tourism
  • Public authorities

Why to participate

  • Target potential tech & business partners in pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings
  • Present, discuss and develop new collaborations under different perspectives
  • Find out and discuss about market trends and innovations
  • Boost your business with qualitative meetings
  • Initiate cross-border contacts and long-lasting co-operations (clients/partners/end-users)

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Les drones reçoivent le feu vert…

Les drones reçoivent le feu vert…


La Commission de la protection de la vie privée (CPVP) a donné son feu vert à la réglementation sur les drones élaborée par la ministre de la Mobilité Jacqueline Galant (MR), écrivent lundi Het Laatste Nieuws et De Morgen.

Les drones sont toutefois beaucoup plus intrusifs dans la vie privée que d’autres méthodes de collecte de données, estime la CPVP. En effet, les possibilités offertes par ces engins dépassent par exemple celle des caméras fixes, dès lors que le drone peut dépasser les limites matérielles ou symboliques qui permettent aux individus de déterminer leur espace privé. Ils peuvent non seulement entrer dans des espaces que d’autres méthodes ne permettaient pas de pénétrer, mais également récolter des informations qui n’étaient pas à la portée d’autres technologies, détaille la commission.

La protection de la vie privée

Cette dernière estime en outre que les drones peuvent non seulement capter des images vidéos ou photos, mais également, selon les technologies dont ils sont équipés, intercepter des signaux de communications, repérer des visages, repérer et identifier les objets et les personnes, enregistrer leurs mouvements, ou encore signaler des déplacements considérés comme anormaux.

Malgré ces inquiétudes, la Commission a rendu un avis positif sur l’arrêté royal de Mme Galant, car celui-ci mentionne clairement que la législation sur la vie privée doit être respectée. La CPVP est également satisfaite que les lois sur la vie privée fassent partie de la formation des pilotes de drones.

Source ( Le Soir 03/08/2015 – )

Legislative framework for drones

Legislative framework for drones

The creation of a drone legislation is currently being handled by the Minister.

« I want to guarantee the safety and privacy of the public. I also want to analyse the requests and needs of the industry, but I also want to encourage the private sector in Belgium to innovate and develop its activities. It’s also necessary to catch up with the legislative part compared to other European neighbouring countries, » said Jacqueline Galant. In addition, she will also look into practical assignments for the common interest in which drones can have a positive contribution.
Since her official introduction, the Minister consulted various stakeholders in order to listen to their expectations and to define point of particular interest. « Based on these consultations and in collaboration with my administration, I will now work on an efficient legal framework.»
The Minister wishes to act fast, but not hasty.
Jacqueline Galant