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Aerial photos and video productions by drone

We believe drones can offer unique opportunities to a business in many different fields: from providing views you’ve never seen before of all kinds of environments, to taking over a person’s work in a hazardous environment, to even surveillance or delivery-services.

What makes our team stand out from the crowd is not only our passion for drones, but also the combination of our extensive flight experience and image creation expertise.

Some examples of the possibilities of drone footage:

  • Corporate promotional videos;
  • Aerial inspections for the monitoring of construction zones: highways, bridges or other structures;
  • Real estate promotion;
  • Tourism promotion for hotel chains, regional agencies, etc.;
  • Overview of sports fields, such as golf courses.

Three professional airplane pilots – all drone certified

Scorpix works with 4 drones piloted by 3 professional trained pilots that are also all qualified audiovisual experts. Thanks to 2 or 3 Axis Gimbal in HD or 4K mode, we are able to deliver you high quality and stunning pictures of all your projects worldwide.

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Legislation on drones and aerial shots in Belgium

In Belgium, the air space is managed by BCAA (Belgian Civil Aviation Authority). The BCAA enforces the legislation and safety rules related to drone flights. Each flight is subject to a request for authorisation.We ensure full compliance with the national aviation and defence legislation, are insured up to 2Mio EUR for our civil liability and we are able to increase this amount based on each flight’s risk.

Demonstration of aerial shots taken by drone

Once authorisation has been received, our teams will perform aerial photo or video demonstrations enabling you to assess the quality of the deliverable. We offer a customized professional service that helps you to do detection, to record data, to promote your company or your business sector in order to capture the attention of potential clients.

Technical support for foreign operators in Belgium

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of national and European legislation, we will set the stage for any foreign operator seeking to fly its own drones on European soil. Do you need a battery? Is one your parts defective? We will find you the right supplier at the right moment and will arrange to have your equipment dispatched to the shooting location. We will address all your technical problems as promptly as possible.

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